SCA Barista professional Course



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1600,00 CHF/pcs.
VAT incl.

SCA Barista Professional

A three day course.  You will be taught the cutting edge concept and techniques of the best Specialty Coffee Baristas, making this course essential for Baristas, trainers and dedicated coffee professionals.   We will explore, design and evaluate brew recipes that are specific to the coffee, machinery and environment that you work in.  We  go in-depth into espresso extraction.  We will analyse café design, workflow layout and financial management.  We will explore water chemistry and you will learn how to test water, the effect on flavour and how to use different filtration methods to optimise your water to SCA Standards.

You should have completed the SCA Barista Intermediate course to enrol on this course, and ideally have experience as a barista.

This course is  accredited by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) – if you take the optional exam (CHF 150.-) you will earn 25 points toward your SCA Coffee Skills Programme.

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate is a three-day class, running from 9am to 5pm on both days, including a one hour lunch break.

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